The Great Migration

Things you probably didn’t know about the migration

1. The great migration boosts over 2 million mammals (wildebeest & Zebra)

2. The great migration is a natural phenomenon that started in the 1960

3. You cannot predict the actual route of the migration although patterns can be devised their actual route differs from year to year

4. Wildebeest have glands in their hooves that leave scents on trials in order for other wildebeest to follow as they migrate

5. The migration may appear chaotic and disorganized (especially at the river crossing), however, researchers have found wildebeest’s operate using ‘swarm intelligence,’ which means they explore obstacles and generate solutions as one

6. Wildebeests and Zebras find comfort in migrating as a group in protection from predators and graze in harmony because each animal prefers a different part of the same grass.

7. It takes a lot of patience to watch the migration (in the photos below we waited for about 3 hours before the wildebeest migrated)

8. Because wildebeest have no natural leader, the migrating herd often splits up into smaller herds that circle the main, mega-herd, going in different directions.

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